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CPL Meetings & Events has a reputation for being approachable, knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, dedicated and passionate about the events we deliver and we are committed to delivering excellence for our clients.

We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients that demonstrate our on-going commitment to quality and service.

Working closely with you, our team delivers a full management service designed to exceed your expectations.

We tailor our services to meet your requirements. No event is too big or too small. If you already have an in-house resource or volunteer committee and need additional support in a specific area contact us to find out how we can fill any gaps in the services you need from our portfolio of services.

Our services include:

  • Full Conference and Event Management Services (read more)

    • Delegate recruitment and management with secure on-line payment gateway;
    • Programme development and speaker liaison;
    • Marketing and promotion including copywriting, print and fulfilment;
    • Scientific programme and abstract management including on-line submission and review process;
    • On-site logistics – room management, catering, transport, audio visual and technical support, health and safety, risk assessments, signage;
    • Supplier evaluation, selection and liaison;
    • Venue selection and management;
    • Conference branding and logo development;
    • Accommodation booking service;
    • Social programmes including venue selection and entertainment;
    • Participant evaluation and feedback analysis;
    • VIP & Speakers Handling;
    • Destination Management Services;
    • Bid Process;
    • Among others.

  • Conference Secretariat & Core PCO Services (read more)

    Many international associations and societies invite local organisers to host their regular meetings across the world. By getting to know the specific requirements of your organisation, we can work with your local organiser to guarantee consistency and quality of delivery for every event, allowing your local host to put their own special mark on the event in their home city/country. As your Core PCO, we can help with bid consultation, venue finding, consistency of on-line services and tender management. We will also support your local organiser, identifying essential requirements and helping them to benefit from our experience of your organisation.

    • Bid Consultation

      You may want to host a large scale event, set up a new society or association or develop a new event. We understand the mammoth task ahead and the personal, financial and professional risks involved. Talk to us to find out how we can help make your commitment a reality as well as fun and rewarding. Our experience of managing events for international associations and societies will help you avoid any pitfalls and lead you through the requirements step by step to deliver a memorable and profitable event. Our services are at your disposal right from the initial bid. We lend a helping hand to you to:

      • Research the possibility & feasibility of bidding;
      • Coordinate the bid team;
      • Obtain support;
      • Prepare the advertising material for the demanded meeting in form of prospectus, CD, video;
      • Assemble the complete documentation for the proposal;
      • Provide small presents accompanying the bid book;
      • Assist or make the presentation at the board meeting or required venue;
      • Manage a stand at the previous meetings of the conference.
    • Tender Management

      Your organisation may hold a regular national or international meeting and invites tenders from qualifying members to bid for the event. As professional conference organisers, take advantage of our knowledge to draw up a tender, review the submissions, interview the candidates and appoint your successful local organiser.

    • Venue Selection

      Finding the right venue in the best location for your delegates, exhibitors and visitors is the key to the success of your event.

      As your core Professional Conference Organiser, we will draw up a detailed specification for your event, identifying the most appropriate venue and location for your event.

      Working with you from one event to the next, we will build on our experience, and yours, to develop your event, ensure consistency and respond to changes as the event grows.

  • Scientific Content Management (read more)

    • Abstract handling

      We have developed our own in-house abstract submission and management systems and have a resident IT engineer on the staff. Our online systems permit:

      • Smooth collection of abstracts;
      • Easy correspondence with authors;
      • Access of committee members to abstract files and data via authorised login processes;
      • Access of reviewers to abstract files and data via authorised login processes to decide on their acceptance or refusal;
      • Categorisation of abstracts according to different topics;
      • Creation of “accept-reject matrix” summarising the reviews;
      • Forming a good database to send out notification to authors on acceptance.
    • Proceedings handling

      Handling of full papers for the proceedings runs similarly to that of the collection of abstracts. The programme enables:

      • Smooth collection of full papers in two stages, before the review procedure, then for camera ready publication;
      • Easy correspondence with authors and reviewers;
      • Access of committee members to article files and data via authorised login process;
      • Access of reviewers to article files and data via authorised login process to decide about their acceptance;
      • Full evaluation procedure management via the web site;
      • Creation of “accept-reject matrix” summarising the reviews and critiques;
      • Sending out critiques to corresponding authors without naming the reviewers, authors to upload the final version of their paper after the correction.

  • Registration Management (read more)

    Attendee registration is one of the most important aspects of any event and so requires great care and professionalism. A simple and smooth registration process helps assure attendees that the event will be worthwhile - right from the start.

    You can take advantage of the facilities provided by the online registration systems where participants can:

    • Register for the conference choosing the fee category;
    • Register for the meals, tours and social events;
    • Register their accompanying persons;
    • Reserve accommodation in the selected category;
    • Arrange credit card payment via a secure site.

    We are however equipped to handle ordinary registration and reservation forms in hard copy format. Our registration service includes handling of incoming registration forms, full processing of payment and invoicing, packing of delegate bags, inserting badges, tickets for tours and social programmes and the entire onsite registration process. Of course we undertake full correspondence with all delegates, responding to their queries, questions and e-mails regarding the conference.

  • Sponsorship & Exhibition Management (read more)

    • Sponsorship

      We have extensive experience in the sales and management of sponsorships for association events so we can help you maximise revenue. We are well aware of the important financial contribution that commercial companies make to the success of any major conference, whilst recognising that in some cases this can create sensitive issues of integrity. We are experts in selecting, persuading and negotiating with potential sponsors. Services include:

      • Identifying key sponsors in conjunction with the organising committee;
      • Meeting with key sponsors to maximise their participation and support for the Conference;
      • Putting forward suggested packages to maximise sponsorship potential;
      • Arranging the production of preliminary sponsorship information;
      • Negotiating sponsorship sales;
      • Arrange the preparation and production of an industry participation information manual;
      • Liaising with sponsors regarding requirements which relate to or involve the event;
      • Agreeing advertising opportunities for sponsors and sale and management of agreed space;
      • Managing sponsors' satellite symposia;
      • Handling on-site management of sponsors.
    • Exhibition

      Most congresses and conferences are accompanied by a technical exhibition, nowadays. We handle the booking and building of booths and spaces, and deal with the specific stand requirements of the exhibiting companies. We are also responsible for the financial coordination of the exhibitions. Services Includes:

      • Development of exhibitor and sponsorship database;
      • Production of sponsorship packages;
      • Recruitment of sponsors;
      • Regular liaison with sponsors and exhibitors;
      • Production of floor plan and exhibitor guides;
      • Promotion on-site at relevant events;
      • On-site exhibition management.

  • Financial management and budgetary planning (read more)

    Even at the very initial phases we can create a realistic budget for your conference based on your requirements. At later stages, we continue to monitor and control budgets and present you with financial reports. During the full organisation period we provide you with advice on how to manage the costs effectively to achieve a sound balance of the meeting. Our services also include:

    • Budgeting;
    • Managing of accounts;
    • Payment of suppliers and subcontractors;
    • Collection of registration and other fees, hotel charges, exhibition and sponsorship fees;
    • Invoicing to participants;
    • Handling and accounting of institutional support funds (EU, governmental sources, etc.);
    • Preparation and evaluation of final accountancy to the organising committee or other boards.

  • Conference Website Management (read more)

    Our website team can help you create a dedicated dynamic conference website that will attract both delegates and sponsors.

    With links for social media and on-line services, your dedicated conference website should be the place to find out everything your visitors need to know about your upcoming event. Post-event, it can present feedback, photos, proceedings and promote your on-going activities. We can offer you a cost-effective solution for your event marketing requirements.

  • Event Branding (read more)

    Let our design team create a unique identity for your event for use in your event publicity, website, conference materials and printed items.

  • Audiovisual Support (read more)

    You only get one chance to get it right at a conference. Make sure you have the best technical support available to manage all aspects of your event onsite. In addition to managing all audio visual requirements, our team will manage to find creative solutions for all your technical requirements.

  • Association and Society Management (read more)

    • Membership recruitment and retention
    • Collection of subscription and membership fees
    • Financial management including cash flow management, annual accounts and VAT returns
    • Committee liaison, production of agenda and minutes, follow-up actions
    • Communication with members online and in print
    • Liaison with editorial staff, contributors and advertisers for organisation's publications
    • Identifying and recruiting sponsors and supporters on behalf of organisation
    • Managing the organisation in line with its constitution and rules and legal obligations

  • Marketing & PR Services (read more)

    A well organised event is very important, but having quality visitors attending your event is also crucial for a successful event. Our marketing specialists are trained to create a fully integrated communication strategy for your event, identifying the most appropriate tools and channels to effectively transmit key messages to the respective target audience or market. Our services include:

    • General research
      • Where are the target groups located
      • Positioning/ look and feel / theme (what triggers the potential attendees)
      • Marketing Mix, Timing, Planning and Budget
    • Strategic planning, communication plan and outline
    • Organisation and communication to all parties involved
    • Planning and execution of activities
    • Evaluation
    • Coordination of production and distribution exhibitor and visitor newsletters
    • Coordination of production and distribution of press releases
    • Coordination of production and distribution of banners, feeding relevant web pages
    • Coordination of creation event internet site, keeping internet site up to date
    • Planning and coordination of presence at relevant exhibitions
    • Handling creation of other relevant material/ stationery

  • Translation & Interpretation (read more)

    CPL - Language Consultancy is one of the industry’s leading providers for conventions, conferences, legal proceedings, depositions, briefings, trainings and tours. We use only top-notch project managers, expert interpreters, state-of-the-art translation equipment, eager-to-please technicians to make your projects a success. When partnering with CPL - Language Consultancy, you receive the quality product you demand and the service you deserve. Expert translators use the latest technology to ensure that your document translation project is precise, on-time and delivered with a smile. We have over 30 years of experience translating over 100 different languages and have translation service experts in nearly every field of subject including medical equipment, technical manuals for machinery, health care outreach, military intelligence, creative marketing, cosmetics, mining, software localization and so much more.

  • Consultancy
  • Among Others

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